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To Hylas from the Water Nymph

Guest Poems > Catherine Evans Griffiths
To Hylas from the Water Nymph

From the deeps of my green pool
I saw you, Hylas, as a dream
More bronze and beautiful than
the dappled deer who in thirst
has come to drink from me

For you, Hylas, did I rise to
drink the misty heat of air
the oppressive heat of air
from your too solid world
of brass and glassy ornament
I see the metal bowl in
your hands so come here
and scrape my gleaming pool

In my waters, do you see
the swaying arms of the dark cypress?
my arms are whiter than the moon
my waters, ever glistening and cool
I drink the wisdom from my waters
a creature, Hylas, adrift in the
dark pool of your heroic beauty

© 1997 Catherine Evans Griffiths
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