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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Guest Poems > Marisela W.

The tremors in the dust
The blackened shrunken wood
From the tallest of the green treetops
To the shriveled dark ground

The phoenix lives in a place of oblivion
Darkness surrounds
Till a splash of moonlight hits the pool of death
Till a golden soul touches the grim birth place
Until a pure mind asks
‘Where has this pile of ashes approached from?’
Until you would come along.

Then the ashes will rumble
Burn red, then white hot
A flame will appear out of nowhere
And grow with a magnificent roar.

It shall leap and tumble
Snap and growl
Till you hear the scream of 1 thousand
Till you scream it yourself

The phoenix shall come forth from that fire
With a snap, a growl, and a roar
Fire is her breast and feather
Her majesty and noble brow.

No havoc will her beast behest
Not singe a tiny mouse
Just circle the sun and back again
To the ashes and her rest.

© 2000 Marisela W.
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