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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Gentle Companion

Guest Poems > Walter Stuck
Gentle Companion

Chosen yet not by choice
Solitary paths have I.
           From a distance you called
           And I never full understood
Apprehensive that you would
Desert me if I dared to surrender.
           Most precious flower that
           Not in solitude can dwell.
Transforming the very core of those
Fusing themselves with you.
           Ceaselessly have I yearned for your caress
           For your voice sounded so sweet, whole.
Yet I feared to heed your call
Be one with you. There are so many
           Cloaking themselves with your splendor
           That vanishes when touched.
Unlike you!! You shine in the darkness
Embrace, like a mother her new born child.
           How I long for your presence.. Your gentle ways.
           Crowned with immortality. Total unison perpetually.
Someday I shall find your hiding place
Concealed among the stars.

© 1997 Walter Stuck
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