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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Guest Poems > Marisela W.

Full be the moon,
But black be the night.
The wolves they cry, at this sight

The stars in their glory,
Bright as shining suns,
They glitter as gold, not the night time dun

Through the blackness of the night,
The blooded wolves in blood hungry sight.
They see their prey,
A young puppy true,
They shred it to pieces but before they are through,
They spot another pup,
Fur-less this one be,
Yes you guessed it,
 They shredded this one too

A piercing scream broke through the night,
A mother in a mother's sight,
Sees her child in dim moon light
Alerts the men to the scene
And soon as soon another scream..
But this one of unearthly sound.:

What unearthly sound they hear?
The sound they heard, one of fear.
The crowding of 1 thousand crows
To mark the coming of one row.

One row of knights with spike and spear
To silence the screamers then and there.

© 1999 Marisela W.
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