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innocence and corruption

Guest Poems > Marisela W.
Innocence + Corruption

Would you have me class
The innocence I see
The naïve hearts, and minds

Minds yet untaught at 14,
To keep a  
Let alone care for that little life
Crying for love, in the desolate crib…

For attention, redemption
A child would look to peers
But perhaps what is taught there
Is what they should fear.

Their loves so simple,
Become complex
With a tiny kiss

Their hates so few
Become so many
With a little word

The danger so profuse..
With danger in their hands
Their lives are wasted
With one tiny bullet..
Just one.

Would you have me class these people
Into categories of  hate?
Or maybe places of birth?
Perhaps how they were raised?
Would you have me put them
In one tiny hole,
With no escape?

© 2000 Marisela W.
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