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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Let it snow

Guest Poems > Kathryn Carroll

Icicles hang from the roofs edge, as Jack Frost
creates his mystical design over the panes of

I gaze at each snowflake as it falls into my
hand, each with its own identity their beauty
truly mystifies me.

All the trees are covered with new fallen snow
so meticulously, it's as though each tree was
painted so diligently.

The once green grass is now a blanket of white,
snowmen created so perfectly, his eyes of coal
sparkle from the distant sun children's creations
have just begun.

Winter has made a artist out of everyone, from
Angels in the snow and Frosty standing all alone,
footprints laden here and there, you can see a
little of Van Gogh everywhere.

As my nose turns red and my toes grow cold, I still
think of that old refrain, "Let it snow, let it snow,
let it snow!"

© 1997 Kathryn Carroll
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