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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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A royal rose

Guest Poems > Kathryn Carroll

A rose is a simplicity of beauty, its thorn is
to punish those who touch.

A rose should be admired for its grace and should
not be disrupted from its place, where it has
anchored its royal roots to the ground just admire
the fragrance that's in the air, and my beauty we
both can share.

For if you should disrupt my royal beauty my thorns
are like a mighty sword, I will fight to draw blood
and only then you will see the power that's enthroned
in me!

So never think of me as just a flower that can be
plucked from its sacred ground, I will sharpen my
thorns to fight for my life, to enhance my beauty
I have to be strong, so please just look and leave
me alone!

© 1997 Kathryn Carroll
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