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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Blue Heavens -- Blue Heart

Guest Poems > John C. Thomas
Blue Heavens -- Blue Heart

The heavens are blue -- and, do I know why?
I haven’t the vaguest sign of a hint of a clue.
My lover dismisses with a shake and sigh,
The love I choose to feel I’ve earned; am due.

As always, I Wander this wayless wanton world
Faceless, betrayed and stagger all alone.
Beauty surrounds me -- oh, so sweetly swirled
None can I touch; and none returns home.

Faust the Doctor would have been spitefully right
Had he forsaken this lustrous blue-green earth;
The people pose for a righteous holy fight,
And bravely laugh beneath the cry beneath their mirth.

And ocean-deep my hope has finally sunk
From all the loves that surely should have been.
Instead, I’ll hide from love songs sweetly sung;
Betrayals I’ve had aplenty -- but never, never again.

© 1997 John C. Thomas
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