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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Christine Sanders

Guest Poems

Love is killing me, Taking me apart piece by piece
My inners turned outside, so vulnerable
Everything you say, I listen
Everything you do, I analyze: Do you want me? Do you need me like I need you?

The look in your eyes my insides turn
You are taken. I can't. I shouldn't.
Oh, but your lips so soft and your touch so gentle
Now is when I am supposed to say stop.
O.K. just after this kiss
Just after one more touch
Intellects fighting for me to do right,
emotion overwhelming my body and mind.

Morning comes, a gentle kiss away
Seeing you again, a simple smile
Ya, I know: friends
Yep, that's all I want to be
Of course nothing more, what night?

yes, I can truly say...
Love Is Killing Me, Taking Me Apart Piece by Piece.

© 1997 Christine Sanders
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