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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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autumnal fall

Guest Poems > Marisela W.
Autumnal Fall

The goddess is in recession
Tending the babe in her womb
The leaves shall now fall from their places
And the god of winter shall rule

The chipmunks shall chatter
to their mates in their homes
The acorns collected, enough for 4 more

The bears will fall slumber
Their time now is end
The beasts of the winter
Now come from their dens

The crickets will sleep
The birds shall fly north
The ants will return to their holes in the earth

The butterflies frozen, shall fall to the ground
But next spring they will return
When warmth is around.

All will take up their winter coats
The dogs and cats, the mountain goats
Us humans you see, we’ll wrap up in blankets
With cocoa, chocolate, and the cuddles with pets.

© 2000 Marisela W.
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