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Dedicated to my true friend

Guest Poems > Shannon Mayfield
Dedicated to my true friend

A thought that says what words cannot express
lies inside my heart looking for an escape
Two people who even though it is not spoken,
know what the other on is thinking.
The bond between us can and will not be broken.

You see though friends have come and gone,
I have always felt so all alone.
Until one day I finally saw what was right before my eyes:
Someone who was there for me through thick and thin,
Someone who will always have a place in my heart, even after ---------the end

What can I say that you don't already know?
Should I tell you how you've helped me to grow?
Maybe it was meant to be, I'd like to think.
That before our two paths met someone saw how we both ---------needed each other
So they guided us together so that our paths would become as ---------one

All you've said and all you've done will never be forgotten.
The time here passes so quickly, I hate to see it leave.
But when our two paths separate and go our own ways,
I promise you now, that we will never leave each other for too ---------long.
All we have to do is look into our hearts and find that is where --------we belong.

To Lori Mussatto, forever and always.

© 1997 Shannon Mayfield
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