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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Sanitary Lies

Guest Poems > Teresa Ann Frazee
Sanitary Lies

They’re little, they’re white, they’re lies
They sting more than heal
They strip you of your emotions
Then tell you how to feel

They’re self-serving bribes
Disguised to mean well
Conditioning us like dogs
At Pavlov’s dinner bell

The stale black breath
Of tongue-tied lies
Tightens the blindfold
Around justice’s eyes

They have the power to charm,
Talking heads with schemes
Profit from your strengthless will
And steal your heartfelt dreams

If I believed night’s penance
Could erase the days mistakes
Or could spot the real Santa
In a mall full of fakes

I would roam about
With brainwashed fools
Like heaven’s ill-trained children
Under a system of mythy rules

Our memories are etched
With once upon a time
And happily ever after
Promised in a nursery rhyme

Little girls with high hopes
Of becoming prince’s wives
Are disappointed grown-ups
Who hate their ordinary lives

Found the truth beneath a stone
Buried under its igneous roof
Took it inside, now I must
Live with all this proof

Held up to the light of day
Had the sweet smell of purity
Opened me up to fableless faith
Giving doubt a sense of security

Existed in the half-light
Ensnared in a web of neglect
Finally woke up freed
From a sleeping intellect

Burdened no more
From the weight of sin
Washed my hands of it
Knowing where it’s been

Put down the baggage
Of guilt and shame
It is hard to believe
Only you are to blame

Ghosts in the attic
There well might be
But I can only testify
To things I can see

To not know is absurd
A waste to be unaware
Nothing like the whole truth
To clear the stagnant air

Teresa Ann Frazee © 2015
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