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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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A Vision In The Minds Eye

Guest Poems > Jeanne Gil
A Vision In The Minds Eye

unable to deny
the call of the desert .....
surrounded by intimate silence
broken only by the sound
of a guitars soft thrumming
wafting in the night air
seated on a flat rock
warmth traveling upwards
conserved from the heat of the day
suffusing bodies cooled by gentle breezes
heavy with the scent of passing rain
flashes of light dance on the horizon
illuminating the onyx sky
yet serenity of time and place untouched
by nature's powerful song
eyes behold the rich firmament
tracing patterns between points
as light pierces velvet
Souls connect in harmonious union
two as one with another
under a desert sky

© 1997 Jeanne Gil
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