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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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My Friend Robby

Guest Poems > Walter Stuck
My friend Robby
Perpetually content, unknown the sorrows that reside
Within this heart, seasons joyfully for him always the same.
One smile of his, dispel all shadows that do hide
What gentle hand has made him so, set his heart aflame.

Preserved his trusting ways that incessant delights do bring
Like my beloved sparrows, his spirit leaps, precise the aim.
His unpretentious gifts make too my heart jump, sing
Unknown to him, his path secure, the foe shall never maim.

His spirit pure, eternally designed so by the Master's hand
And what the Sovereign's gentle heart decrees will always be.
No force, our choice to choose, no harsh command
My friend Robby, how blessed, if only I like he could see.

© 1998 Walter Stuck
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