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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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The Moral Mart

Guest Poems > Teresa Ann Frazee
The Moral Mart

Welcome to Moral Mart
Open since modern man
Business has slowed some    
I do the best I can

I have what you want
Way in the back
Sitting by themselves
In a dusty sale rack

All sales are final
So buyers beware
Respect is one of a kind
You can’t get it elsewhere

Peace is sold as is
There’s no warranty
They’ll be no refunds
The terms are costly

Compassion has been stocked
For many a year
Passed over by consumers
Who were less than sincere

Be sure to share integrity
With pompous heads of state
And redeeming preachers who
Offer a heavenly rebate

To the powers that be
Give full consideration
To the silent liars find
Guilt by association

So take them home
Live with them for awhile
Sadly, custom made things
Tend to go out of style

Good luck with your values
Will that be all then?
Watch your step as you leave
And please come again

Teresa Ann Frazee © 2015

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