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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Guest Poems > Kathryn Carroll

The glistening moon shining upon the
quiet pond has explicit beauty adorned
by the night, it seems to twinkle like
a starlit night.

The yellow hue of the crescent moon
lights the sky like a soft candle light
wavering in the wind, is where our warm
and gentle kiss seems to begin.

We stroll arm in arm under the glowing
skies and utter passionate words enhanced
by the night.

The twinkle of the stars in the blackened
sky, our love emerges like a brazened
comet soaring by.

Our love is whispered in such graceful
bliss, on this moonlit night we begin
to kiss.

It seems as though our love is blessed
with the gracefulness of the adorned
twilight, we walk hand in hand romancing
the night.

I will always be impressed by a moonlit
night, to be embraced by the person I
love and the rapture created by the
heavens above, I'm embellished with the
warmth within my heart and feelings like
these shall never part.

© 1997 Kathryn Carroll
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