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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Filtering Night

Guest Poems > Shannon Mayfield
Filtering Night

Sleepless nights I lie awake,
fighting with the nightmares in my sleep-
voices coming from nameless faces,
forcing me into unknown places.

Although I can see, still yet I am blind,
wondering of the capabilities of my mind,
asking why the fire burns so hot-
wondering why my words do not.

Speaking of unspoken things in the darkness of the night
is the way I mostly confront my fright.
Morning breaks and day begins;
do you have tickets to the play that never ends?
But darkness comes and begins to filter in.

I wake with a start and try to scream.
The pillow of sadness suffocates my forgotten dream.
People so close and yet so far-
why can't they see, why can't they hear?

© 1997 Shannon Mayfield
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