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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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net routine

Guest Poems > Tony Price
Net Routine

Here I sit, bemused by your light,
-much the same as I was last night.
It seems to me, that life is lame,
-for every night, is just the same.

Now see me down here on one knee,
-my life and soul, I gave to thee.
The lights go down - your glass does glow,
-time goes so fast, yet feels so slow.

Now it's time to face reality,
-that this technology does test mortality.
Three AM, it's time to sleep,
-I think of you and start to weep.

Oh how I long for another chance,
-I'd live my life - I'd feign romance.
That curious dream - your power'll crack,
-you took my life - I want it back.

Tony Price © 2000
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