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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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endless searcher

Guest Poems > Marisela W.
Endless Searcher

The father's gaze
Soft and quiet.
A look to calm
The frightened doe's small child
It stretches across the field,
Searching the land for a shape
The shape of a woman
The woman of his haunted dreams
Tainted only by blackness,
Shadow that hides her from him

The father's gaze
Soft and quiet
A look to herd dull sheep,
To quiet the dogs whose ravenous looks
Would make the bear take second thought,
Even with such vision as his.
It stretches across the sea
Searching the waters for colour
The colour green of enchanting eyes
The eyes which follow him in his dreams
Stained only by blackness
Shadow that hides them from him.

The father's gaze
Soft and quiet
A look to speak with dolphins
To keep sharks in blooded water
From making a meal of him
Searching the skies for light
Golden and pure, light that would reflect her hair
The flow of locks that curl and wind around him in sleep
In every dream
Found only in darkness
Shadow that hides them from him.

He is the endless searcher
He sees among the stars
He feels there for her
This one woman, of dreams hidden is dark
hidden in secrecy
Who is this woman, with hair so illustrious, eyes to enthrall,
shape u wish to worship for days and nights
Who is this woman, nameless,  and faceless
with kindness unknown, with spirit unfound
Would I fall in love with a goddess,
Bodied, perfectly to seduce,
No heart or soul to speak of?
Would I fall in love with death?
I search for her in my dreams
I call for the shadows to disappear
But even with torch and sword they will not fade
My destiny is uncertain, if you pertain to her
But here I stand
The endless search goes on.

© 2000 Marisela W.
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