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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Guest Poems > Marisela W.

A thing of magical beginnings
Wells up inside like a jelly building up wobbliness
And come out in all the strangest, wonderful ways.
The cackle, the chuckle
The snigger, the giggle
The chortle, the holler
The hohoho and the hehehe
And all the variations!

The first little snortle
From the first little child
Broke into a million pieces
Of light and colour and peace
They became the first of the fairies
Who love to laugh
And love to eat sweets
And love to have fun.

The first little cackle
Brought forth the naughty people
With hooked noses
And warts, And big black pots
To cook things in.

The first booming HoHO
Made our Christmas cheer
More merry
With red fluffy hats
Black boots
And red bags of toys.

The first laugh you give
Becomes all these things
Becomes what you love
And what you should cherish
Laugh all day
All night
For laughter is Magic.

© 2000 Marisela W.
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