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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Diamond Tin Can: Walk # _____

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Diamond Tin Can: Walk # _____

I had wanted to walk out again
to go down the road, the familiar road
to check the doors
like apartments in the labyrinth
fiddling with the combination of the safe
like a zoo chimp with worn
Fisher Price toys.

The sky's horizon, a rusty blue
that expanded into the crowd of stars
and cold decoys.

The convenience store smelled like
an ancient school lunchroom
The texture of the spanish laborers hands told
no stories as I tore sugar packets
feverishly - my ideas
netted by my mind, hauled on deck by my eyes
and sorted by my hands as the belts of thought
shake and rattle - time inching
with the power of glaciers on fast forward

My poem, my harvest. I laugh - weeks in advance!
I record with a diligence,
responsible like a forgotten midwife:
births, deaths;
the embers in my mind, the ashes on my tongue
the fire in my gut,
old faithful boiler under flashlight of
energy lurching
and awkward tango with the bus
my romantic wheelchair
my pirouette on crutches
Dark Freehold puppet show
and virtues of safety
picking through the garbage,
peeping through camera shutter windows
illusions of moments
weary audio mirages
facetted horizons
Japanese garden of
foggy lusty forbidden glitter
Abrupt record skip acrobatics
flowering music
hidden lips
blooming dollars
soft porn calisthenics
my words piggy-back upon such
chasing the rabbit of today.

© 1999 Sunshine
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