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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Mike Mikulak

Guest Poems

I sit and cry
emptiness and thought pervading
I see the sun going down
crushing the earth
like a hot fireball
descending and keeping it's light from us
hoping that in the morning
we will drink the light in gluttony

the night is long
and I sit and wait
for it to come and take me away
the dream continues in the empty darkness
reaping all that we achieved in the day
taking me for a journey
of light and darkness
simultaneously opening and closing my eyes
and I try to see
but the figures dimmed by the shutter of my eyes
destroyed by the flame

and I awake in the night
darkness around
alone and aware
of my surroundings
but not of myself
the outer world so much easier to comprehend
a formula for everything
but when I look in
a place uncharted by math and science
a place not calculated and logical
were up is down
and dry is wet
this is were time dances

in this place I feed my soul
hoping that I can stay a while longer
hoping that the thirst for light won't destroy the glamour
the sun draws its weapon and pulls me back
to a world so sure and so calculated
ready to judge and assign a grade to me

so I try to hold on a little longer
enjoy the darkness
but it is a cycle
the moon must rise
but it must also set
making room for the sun that
blinds us with the glare
I seek a way to rejoin this place
during a time of the daylight glare
hoping that I will be able to see again
so I pour my blood on paper
and expose my soul
unable to escape

even I need the physical world
its coldness and cruelty
its temporary love
a way to sustain the physical
unable to through the spiritual
the light doesn't allow
the science and the money
a barrier to a dream
a place visited by so many
yet realized by so few
a place were time dances with space
and things fall up
or down
whichever way they choose

so I try to get back
like a drug I need it
seeking this truth is my addiction
I finally realize that I cannot live like this
temporary doses of heaven
and then suffering withdrawal all day
I need to be saved
by the angel of darkness
the angel of light
so I take the gun
it's cold barrel tingling at the roof of my mouth
and pull the trigger
and I rejoin.

© Mike Mikulak
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