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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Poem within a Poem

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Poem within a Poem

A sunny day.
such solar panels seemingly powering Chinatown:
boiling noodles,
glazing naked fowl,
fueling the perpetual language machine.

( I had to get out of that apartment and went down to sketch
the Brooklyn Bridge. )
( I walked down Ludlow, with only the superbrilliant
rhythms of Spring to keep my demon pet from
dragging me back to the stench, poverty and darkness. )

Below the Manhattan Bridge
A pinball labyrinth of commerce
rebounding flesh, hair, bone
and stained teeth, which when revealed
sometimes look like a tombstone fence;
the fence that divides; the fence of centuries;
the fence that philosophers drag their sticks across;
the fence that can be seen from the heavens.

( I had to wait for the merchant to sell me the beer for it was a Sunday.
I felt as if I was in that scene from " Brave New World " - for the alcohol
felt so useless, so primitive and slow. )

Behind me was the blocky apartment complex, the only colors
coming from the playground and in front of me, my 3 for 1 deal:

A portable toilet sat to the left of the immense span,
a wonderful little troll to place in my sketch.
The group of sweater clad Asians gathered to take a photo,
parking their car alongside the fence.
The Bridge, massive, and like a true,
oppressive giant it smashed all the remnants
of clichés from my thoughts. )

© Sunshine 96
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