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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Fade away

Guest Poems > Kathryn Carroll

I never thought the day would come that the wrinkles
and gray hair would appear, and senility so very near.

I wake in so much pain, again to face another day.

Before I could run and now I walk, but rarely do I
ever talk.

Afraid to speak because my mind is not the same,
peoples names seem to fade away.

Is this called old age, forgetfulness or senility,
I can only guess. Makes no difference at my age
what a mess!

O the woes that come along with age, I wished to
God I could change.

Those were the days when I could sing and dance,
and remember how it was when I could romance.

But now those younger years have disappeared, to
be replaced with aching bones, hearing loss and
wondering if I'll wake to see another day, or
will I just fade away.

© 1997 Kathryn Carroll
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