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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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The last kiss

Guest Poems > Kathryn Carroll

All those faithful years you've been by my side, I
still remember the vows we spoke until death due us
part, will always remain in my heart.

We raised our children in our lovely home then,
retired to travel and be free to roam.

What a comfort you've been through our married
years, even though the road was rough we managed
to survive, we have endured.

Never have I gone to bed without you by my side,
we always kissed and hugged and said good-night,
only to awake with the morning sunlight.

Upon awaking you didn't stir I leaned over to
kiss your ear, but you didn't respond. Oh, my God
my husband is gone, how will I ever survive and
to find the strength to go on?

I'm so grateful for our last kiss, and the words
"I love you," I will always miss.

I will never surrender my endless love, because
you my dear will never be gone. You are my love
and my very Best friend, until death due us part
came much to soon, I loved you so much what am
to do?

I still feel your lips pressed gently to mine, a
day doesn't go by that I haven't cried.

We will meet again someday as we embrace our lips
will touch, then we will fly together like a
morning dove to symbolize our eternal love!

© 1997 Kathryn Carroll
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