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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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the forest

Guest Poems > Tony Price
The Forest

I came to you this fine day,
-because I heard you'd be going away.
I've walked beneath your rugged bows,
-you saw my deeds, and heard my vows.

To a myriad souls - you offer a home,
You offered me friendship when I was alone.
Now it seems they'll cut you down,
-so here, I offer you the tears of a clown.

Your fine bark falls to offer me a bed,
Your leaves keep the rain from hitting my head.
Your company forms a forest of magic,
-your fate - it seems, so painfully tragic.

For years I've been your accepted guest,
-beneath your leaves, my place of rest.
You offered me a world away from the sun,
-you showed me a dimension where nature won.

You're a home to much more than life itself,
When I was with you, I could be myself.
I came so as to let you know-
While I was with you, my eyes did glow.

Your every corner, I did explore-
Your shroud of protection - I proudly wore.
So here I am - I'm saying farewell,
-without your presence, my life will be hell.

Tony Price © 2000
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