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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Dreaming of a Night Sky

Guest Poems > Jeanne Gil
Dreaming of a Night Sky

Vaporous light trails
Streak across an onyx sky
Reflected in the still calm
Of a volcanic lake
Luna's lucent face arcs
Silently in orbit
Radiantly competing
With Northern Lights
Striking illumination
Shades of stratus clouds
Low on the horizon
Seemingly flow over terrain
Slivers of shadowed green
Quiver within a nocturnal zephyr
Foliage ensconced on limbs
Rise up from rooted earth
Whispering in unison
Smooth flat rocks radiate warmth
Traversing a quietly seated form
Delicately illuminated
By the backdrop of the Moon
Serenity of spirit
Washes over self
Drinking in nuances of sound
Olfactory vision developing aura
Interplay of vista
Essence of life replayed
On a grander scale

© 1997 Jeanne Gil
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