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the wolves

Guest Poems > Marisela W.
The wolves

The blood thirsty wolf
Of the enchanted forests
Roams towards town
In his monthly rounds..
His mid-nightly rounds..
His full moon rounds

Huge is this beast of the forest,
Huge is this beast of the green seas,
Huge is this beast that howls through the trees
And growls to be let out..
To be let out on his full moon rounds

With vicious claws
With vicious cause
The vicious wolf seeks his prey

With human blood
On his tongue
The huge dog of the ancient ones
Seeks his rest
In tunnels best
Underground they are to be found

But where they would once rest in peace
They find their prey and gigantic feast
In tin cans no less you see
The hairless fools would hide

They thought here they would not be seeked
But wrong were they,
As they were prey
And torn to pieces they would be

© 1999 Marisela W.
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