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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Seemed Strange

Guest Poems > Teresa Ann Frazee
Seemed Strange

Seemed strange walking
With you the other day
It was the only time
We ever went the same way
How am I doing?
It’s funny you asked
Don’t ever remember
Your concern in the past

To your policy of lies
I was a pet slave
I’d apologize first
Then promise to behave

Knee deep in denial
Living together apart
Apparently honesty
Is a long dead art

Looking the other way
Was always in demand
The reality of truth
Was hardly on hand

I’ll write my story
Using standard double space
This serge of anger
Has to go someplace

My words get jumbled
Into a lyrical arrangement
A literary trick to hide
Sporadic waves of derangement

Scribbled with a dash of humor
And a crossed out pun
My notebooks marked
With thoughts on the run

I search my computer
Where words have a home
To share my side
And know I’m not alone

Eyes bathed in the glow
Of artificial light
A poetry contest page
Is an engaging website

Words to shuffle and rhyme
The deadline promptly met
For the judging eyes
Of strangers on the net

I told my story
My voice was heard
Paid my emotional debt
Without uttering a word

When I’m writing
I am high with power
My pen obeys control
And I lord over the hour

When only at heart
You find yourself lost
Unlike expensive therapy
Writing has no cost

Teresa Ann Frazee © 2015
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