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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Guest Poems > Walter Stuck

These time-worn paths so Well I know
Dwellings clad, clay-shingles glow.
I too strode through there without fear
Timeless friends forever near.
Sublime the joy of gifts that brought
Instilling wonders into this heart.
Fortitude not to depart.

The song-bird although no longer there
Its kin's song now sweetens the air.
Enchanted moments long since gone
Yet echoes linger, gently spawn,
Appoint another renaissance, utmost delight,
Transform to Spring the Winter night.
Dazzle dark chambers with their light.

The tempest now a most placid breeze
The heart at last serene at peace,
Longs no more for the distant star,
Contend with matters as they are.
Enticed no more nor be allured,
Coherent what was too obscured;
By gifts of love at last assured.

© 1997 Walter Stuck
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