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" Give me new Phoenix wings to fly at my Desire " John Keats
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Brandon C. Carpenter

Guest Poems
Vividly, Aching, Yearning, Burning...


She was brought back
vividly vividly
within a deep venturesome
dream dream
of a time that could have
been been
before the loss of
trust trust
that would still be
true true
to a loss of lustful
wanting wanting
that would never be
returned returned
to a place so beautiful
that that
was lost in drunken tongues
loosed loosed
by means of hateful hurting
spite spite
that hurts a heart so young


I am so lonely here
aching aching
amidst the crush of crowds.
I would be happiest
if if
I was taken by a cloud
out of this world
alone alone
in a place and time unknown.
What I was taught for
love love
that men, thinking, they know
to be happy filled and
content content
that cannot fill my heart
closed to the happy people's bland
part part
of what vast subtle harbor
of a insatiable
prostitution prostitution
that the souls contributor
to superior happiness
sells sells
not for flesh or money
instead instead
will take a loss effortless
of any temporary gained phaeton.


Doesn't it sound so
Sweet Sweet
To be taken away

And what has been said
Lonely Lonely
In this dark place

Has me, no, us, quietly
Yearning Yearning
To have been unchained

So that we completely
Live Live
No longer the bystander


Oh stop the burning
of wasted tearing years

Of time lost twisting
In forgotten white lies

In my mind she is sitting
Never really ever leaving

Her iced eyes watching
Intensity of ever knowing

For I would live
Ever more to be with her

© 1997 Brandon C. Carpenter
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